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Boost the business impact of your media investment by over 50%

Same media spend. More media value.

A Connected Media Strategy from Green Thread will change how you manage, distribute, and measure the impact of your media, and recalibrate your compass towards lasting success.


4 Smart Actions to Amplify Your Media

We have developed a proprietary financial model for proven results.
Realize a 52% improvement in your business outcomes from your media investments.
Data Driven Audience Targeting:
Harmonize audience data and prioritize targets ...
... for a 17% increase to business impact from your media.

Harmonizing personal identity information with account structures and job roles will increase the value of your media investments. Data-driven segmentation and audience targeting enable persona-based messaging, dynamic advertising, and personalized digital customer experiences – the foundations for superior media plans and account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns.  Access to all available insights from first-party and third-party customer data sources is required, and customer data platforms (CDPs) can serve as one source for aggregating, integrating, and modeling customer data sources.
Content Alignment & Consistency:
Thread consistent, personalized messaging at scale ...
... for a 14% increase to business impact from your media.

While commercial buyers need to build emotional connections with B2B brands, the paramount objective needs to be communication of expertise This is especially true with complex offerings that require both education of the target audience and significant solution design work after first contact. Person-based messaging, dynamic advertising, complementary digital experiences, and account-based media strategies cannot operate without high-quality, consistent, and compelling content delivered in the right form at the right time. These require marketing content that bridges the core brand positioning, brand value story, and messaging developed by the CMO with tactical execution in campaigns, conversations, and other customer touchpoints.
Integrated Media Activation:
Manage and activate an omnichannel program ...
... for a 15% increase to business impact from your media.

The average B2B organization relies on over 25 difference sales and marketing solutions, tools, and data sources to engage, activate, and convert media impressions into revenue. Media must be a cross-functional program to succeed, even though most media programs today largely ignore the most important sales and marketing channels in the B2B arsenal. Omnichannel programs coordinate the activation of media across many channels and connect them with other commercial teams, systems, data, and operations
that support them. B2B CMOs increasingly recognize this approach as the most effective means to drive revenue growth but need better capabilities and infrastructure to manage such complex and multithreaded programs.
Closed-loop Measurement:
Create a closed-loop measurement system ...
... for a 6% increase to business impact from your media.

Fragmentation across channels, processes, data sets, and systems stifle media performance and impact. The integration of systems, processes, and data flows into a closed feedback loop can significantly improve the ability to tune and adapt targeting, messaging, campaigns, and resource allocation. It allows media teams to spend more time responding to and optimizing customer responses, efficacy of touchpoints, buying signals, and feedback information. A closed-loop system also allows teams to shrink planning cycles to adapt more quickly to changing competition, market forces, and customer behavior.
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