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Best practices for creating, personalizing, and monetizing content at scale in a modern B2B marketing model

Patrice Trichon

Managing Director, Head of Marketing, Client Reporting, and Digital Relationship Management at Brown Brothers Harriman

David Master

Former Global Chief Marketing Officer at Janus Henderson and US Marketing Lead at Legg Mason

Stephen Diorio

Executive Vice President of Growth Strategy at GreenThread and Founder of the Revenue Enablement Institute

If data is the oxygen that runs the modern commercial engine, content is the gasoline required for combustion.

Unfortunately, most marketing organizations are not very good at organizing, personalizing, and distributing their content. The majority of CMOs lack several critical elements in their arsenal: a universal targeting taxonomy, a consistent message across the revenue cycle, and full control over the content that goes through digital, mobile, and social channels.

In this session, Stephen Diorio, author of Revenue Operations, interviews Patrice Trichon from Brown Brothers Harriman and David Master, former CMO at Janus Henderson about their successes in deploying market-leading processes, practices, and systems that enable content compliance, targeting, architecture, and personalization.

You will learn:

1. Why a content architecture is essential to aligning your content with your go-to-market strategy.
2. How to get control over content compliance, relevance, and impact across every stage of your revenue cycle.
3. Practical ways to active personalized and persona-based content across as many channels as possible.
4. How to use AI, advanced analytics, and digital technologies to generate personalized content experiences at scale.

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